Pencil Sketch of Town Hall by Mary Ann Barr 2021

Pencil sketch by Mary Ann Barr 2021

Town of Danby, New York

Town Clerk Hours M-F 11–4
Town Hall 607-277-4788
Town Court 607-277-0095

First Full Draft of 2021 Zoning Update Now Available

First Draft of Zoning Update for Public Review

Please review the Zoning Update Redline document and email your comments to the Planner
A word document version is also available for you to track changes and send to

Please note that this current draft is a redlined version of the existing zoning. This means you will see the current text that has not been changed in black text, while new text will appear in red and proposed deletions appear as red with a line through it.

This is a useful format for thinking about what has changed, and what else should change, eventually I hope we have time to get the document in a different format that is easier to read while maintaining the spirit and details that have been the result of the participation of many Town residents over many months of meetings.

This is a first draft after substantial public comment and involvement. You can view some of the meetings using this YouTube Playlist.

If you find a problem or an error in this DRAFT please let me know, there are bound to be some. If there is something you think needs more work or additional changes you’d like to see, let me know, we still have 4 months to work on this and get it to an adoptable state and there are certainly additional adjustments that I would like to include and you probably have ideas as well.

The Town Board will hold space for public comment on the draft on August 30th in Town Hall and via zoom at 7pm. There will be a time limit to comments in this meeting so if you have substantial or very specific comments it would be best to email them to the Planner ahead of time. All comments will be shared with the full board and summarized to create an FAQ addressing common questions/concerns. The sooner you can provide comments in writing the more likely it is that I can address your concerns in the meeting. Following the August 30 meeting, the Town Board will direct the Planner as to where they would like to see additional work focused before December, what changes should be considered, and how they would like that process to proceed.

-David West
Town Planner
August 18, 2021
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Danby Town Hall
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Ithaca, New York 14850

Phone: 607-277-4788

Town Clerk Hours:
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Danby Town Court
1830 Danby Road
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Phone: 607-277-0095

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