Pencil Sketch of Town Hall by Mary Ann Barr 2021

Pencil sketch by Mary Ann Barr 2021

Town of Danby, New York

Town Clerk Hours M-F 11–4 Closed 6/19
Town Hall 607-277-4788
Town Court 607-277-0095

Septic Issues? Take the Septic System Survey!

Tompkins County Whole Health (TCWH) is alerting the community that Tompkins County, in conjunction with Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services (INHS), is collecting information for a grant that could pay for 100% of the costs of repairing or replacing septic systems, as well as specific private water well repairs, for some income-eligible households. Working on a septic system or private water well can be a major expense for households.   To demonstrate the need for this funding, TCWH is asking for the public’s help to measure interest and need by filling out a brief survey by Saturday, June 15.   If Tompkins County is successful in obtaining funding, there would be no cost to income-eligible households for the septic system replacements.   Tompkins County residents are asked to complete the survey if any of the following are true:
  • Their septic system must be pumped a lot, has backed up into the home, or is otherwise struggling to function, OR
  • Their septic system is more than 20 years old, OR
  • Their septic system is impacting a drinking water well, OR
  • Their home is NOT on municipal water, meaning you have a private water well.
  The information submitted by residents will be used to meet a grant requirement for a waiting list of low-to moderate-income households interested in this funding. If funds are awarded to Tompkins County, the list may be used to notify eligible households that funds are available.   Follow this link to complete the survey: Due to the limited time before the grant application is due, the survey deadline is Saturday, June 15.   For assistance, contact Tompkins County Environmental Health at 607-274-6688 or email Doug Barnes at Click here for a promotional flyer. (also attached).   Thank you, Environmental Health     Brenda Coyle, Administrative Coordinator Tompkins County Whole Health Division of Environmental Health 55 Brown Road Ithaca NY 14850 Phone: 607.274.6688 Fax: 607.274.6695
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Danby Town Hall
1830 Danby Road
Ithaca, New York 14850

Phone: 607-277-4788

Town Clerk Hours:
Monday – Friday
11:00 AM to 4:00 PM

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Danby Town Court
1830 Danby Road
Ithaca, New York 14850

Phone: 607-277-0095

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Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
8:00 AM to 11:00 AM