Pencil Sketch of Town Hall by Mary Ann Barr 2021

Pencil sketch by Mary Ann Barr 2021

Town of Danby, New York

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Water District Meeting 2021-11-03

Meeting called to order at 17:10 #

Attending were: #

  • Committee Advisors
    • Marrell Cortright
    • Carl Seamon
    • Bruce Richards
  • Town Super Joel Gagnon
  • Finger Lakes Land Trust representative Eric Mastroberti
  • Operators
    • Scott Wendt
    • Tod Sukontarak
  • Prospective new committee members
    • Marie Monroe
    • Ben Coakley
  • RCAP representative Candace Balmer

Privilege of the Floor #

everyone passed on the privilege of the floor

Approval of Previous Minutes #

the committee voted unanimously to approve the minutes from the Oct 6 meeting

No warrants or vouchers

Old business:       #

  • Tod will look into why the tank aerator is not working     
  • Committee voted to recommend to Town Board to get the district on the spring schedule for Liquid Engineering to inspect and clean our tank     
  • Committee voted unanimously to recommend to Town Board we get the Badger Beacon software to make our meter reading/billing software work as originally intended

Note: We lost our ability to vote as a committee as Bruce Richards departed early leaving only two of five advisors present

New business:      #

  • we briefly discussed developing an Emergency Water Plan as a topic presented by Candace Marrell feels that we need to discuss this as a committee before having outside assistance with its development. She has experience in doing it. 
  • Joel modified the rate restructure a bit from the 80% consumption and 20% levy to accommodate the town budget.
  • Joel will write something to be sent as a separate mailing announcing our new rate structure to customers prior to the next billing cycle.
  • Ben and Marie will each fill out applications to serve as water committee advisors.
  • Joel will ask Bruce to provide something in writing to formally resign.      
  • Marie would like her application emailed to her if possible
  • Town Clerk Janice Adelman suggested moving water district billing functions to the town clerk office.  Carl said that Marge has expressed a willingness to continue doing if for a few more years.
  • Eric Mastroberti gave a presentation of the FLLT request to have the district allow them access to their property with heavy equipment to remove large debris.  He says the contractors will leave our road access in as good or better shape as when they begin the work.  
  • Prospective committee advisors introduced themselves to the meeting
    • Marie Monroe lives at 45 Valley View and has been an employee at Ithaca College for approximately 8 years. She is interested in learning about and helping to resolve water issues.
    • Ben Coakley works in the engineering department for the Town of Ithaca and has been living for 1.5 years on Station Road.

Meeting adjourned at 18:20 #

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